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St. Jude helps Acadiana girl overcome rare brain tumor

Alexis Massa’s journey with St. Jude started with a simple headache when she was just ten years old.

It was just a year later that her doctor handed down the diagnosis.

“She had a tumor on her pituitary gland,” Andrea Massa said. “It was called a Craniopharyngioma. We saw our local pediatric oncologist and neurosurgeon. It was so rare that we weren’t sure what the treatment would be here….insurance started denying test that doctors wanted to do here.”

Without hesitation, Andrea knew where Alexis had to go. They spent the next few years in Memphis at St. Jude.

“They covered everything,” Andrea said. “They covered our travel, meals, even when we were in Florida they helped us with everything.”

Alexis is now 15 and planning her future.

“I’m hoping I can be in the vet field,” Alexis said. “Somewhere, I want to be a vet itself or a vet tech.”

As Alexis looks toward the future, her parents remain optimistic. They know that St. Jude is in their corner and will continue help Alexis every step of the way.

Katie Lopez

Katie Lopez

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