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Family comes together to celebrate Alexina Barber’s 95th birthday

Family and friends gathered today to celebrate a special day.

Alexina Barber turned 95 today, and her family and friends gathered at St. Francis Hall in Breaux Bridge.

“They’re all here to celebrate my birthday,” she said. “I’m 95 years old. I feel good, and I’m glad they did it for me.”

Barber says the world has changed in the years since she was born.

“In my younger years, it wasn’t like it is now. It was better then, better than it’s going now,” she said.

Barber’s advice for a long life is pretty simple.

“Don’t smoke and don’t drink because i didn’t smoke or drink,” Barber says. “And pray a lot. That’s one thing I do: I always pray a lot.”



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