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St. Mary deputies caught mowing Amelia man’s lawn

Two St. Mary Parish deputies were caught stepping in to help mow one man’s lawn after he reported the theft of lawnmower parts.

The sheriff’s office says that the two deputies were dispatched to a home in Amelia on Tuesday, June 25 in regards to a theft. The man at the residence told deputies that someone had stolen parts off of his lawnmower.

The deputies, identified as David Leonard, Jr. and Tyler Green, came up with a plan to help the man after noticing his grass was a little tall.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff’s office says that Leonard and Green bought parts to repair the mower and that after making the repairs “decided to give it a test run to make sure it was in working condition.”

Pictures show the deputies mowing and trimming the man’s lawn.

The post received several comments commending the officers for their work. The sheriff’s office responded to those comments.

“I can tell you from knowing [Leonard and Green] that they are fine young men who have deep reasons for wearing the badge,” the comment reads. “They are both indicative of the caliber young people that we have on Patrol. They have personally sacrificed to be able to wear the badge as they serve and protect.”



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