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‘No swimming’ as bacteria advisory continues in Cypremort Point

Cypremort Point beach is under a bacteria advisory. It comes amid beach shutdowns in the south as the blue-green algae bloom makes its way across the gulf.

There are green signs across the beach, warning visitors that the bacteria levels in the water exceeds the state standards. The beach isn’t closed right now but officials are urging people to not swim in the water.

Sean Leather brought his family to the beach, hoping for a day to cool off in the water.

“We’re here, so were making the best of it,” Leather said.

When Leather arrived with his family, he was quickly told, swimming was not recommended.

“The woman up front said it’s up to us, but it’s just not worth the risk for the kids,” Leather explained.

The Louisiana Department of Health has issued a bacteria advisory, meaning anyone who goes swing at Cypremort Point beach is at risk of getting infections.

“Disappointed for sure, we pulled up and were getting ready to pay, and read the sign,” Leather says.

Officials say if you have any open wounds, that risk goes up. Park staff at the beach will continue monitoring the bacteria levels and the signs will stay up until the levels are back to normal.

Katie Easter

Katie Easter

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